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Balsam Bay Resort
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"For a short while time ceased to exist. The cabin was great, the Ugstads were wonderful, and the peace and quiet was great.  We felt like we were at home. The pontoon and paddleboats were fun. We wish times were always this happy. Thank you very much."

The Andersons, South Dakota

"I had a good time even though it was unseasonably cold! Love the heated Pool!  Owners are great and the cabins are too! The lake is so nice to just sit out by and listen to the loons and geese. The relaxation and no work are worth it all."

Kim, Chanhassen, MN

"The 3rd week in May and time to be on our way, for our annual fishing trip to Balsam Bay. Our move from cabin 2 to 3, suited our fishing group to a tee. As he has in the years before, Jack handled the meal preparation chore. We fished in the wind I must mention in this poem, but caught enough for a meal and some to take home. Thanks for another nice week Bob & Su, we didn’t like the mosquitoes but won’t blame their presence on you!"

Jack, Paul, Dick, John & Dave

"All the way up from Phoenix to fish southern & northern Minn.  We have been to a lot of places but this by far is the best of them all.  The hosts are just as nice as can be. We enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for your hospitality."

Jim & Pete, Phoenix, Arizona

"We have enjoyed our time here at Balsam Bay Resort.  We are here with several family members, and have 3 cabins and some camping spots.  It has been a nice place to hold our annual family gathering in Northern MN. The fishing has been very good, probably the best in any family trip we have taken. We have enjoyed the game room, bonfires, biking and fishing.  We have all had a great time and hope to return again."

Dean, Cammi, Dustin & Dylan, Cosmos, MN

"Another year of family fun. It was a varied weather week with showers, sun, thunderstorms, sun. Mosquitoes were a rarity, although a few horse & deer flies hung around. I so enjoy the wonderful sunsets on the dock and great heated pool surrounded by lush trees.  Where else can I swim in a forest? Many eagles and osprey. The baby loon was a treat. Even saw a pelican! Looking forward to next year."

Mark & Cindy Schreiber

"Our cabin that we stayed in was so cute; it was the American Farm theme and the perfect size for my family.  The lake was great, we went on boat rides and went fishing and caught a lot of fish.  We have to say that the pool was the best part! We went swimming everyday for 2 hours a day! The game room was fun too. We played all the games at least 10 times each.  We also loved the hammock and the playground right by our cabin. Balsam Bay Resort is definitely a place that we want to come back to!"

The Hollerbach family

"Our 9th family vacation up north and again it’s provided us with fun, relaxation and memories…

-hearing the teenage boys yell with excitement when caught bass & big sunnies from the paddleboat.
-canoeing, kayaking, paddle boating
-delicious food cooked and eaten outside (always tastes better)
-biking to Little Sand Lake
-playing pool
-volleyball in the swimming pool
-ice cream from the store
-decorating the family flip flop for the game room wall
-enjoying the beauty of the full moon, the glistening peaceful water, the breeze through the pines, hearing the call of the loons (seeing their baby), the sound of squirrels, birds, fish jumping out of the water, the butterfly sitting on the picnic table….
-rainy day in Walker
-relaxing in the hammock & swing with a good book
-playing 7 dwarf golf
-fishing and boat rides
-visiting with other guests
-the dogs, Taffy & Abby
-family fun & bonding

Thanks Su & Bob for sharing your resort and for all your hard work to keep it clean, useable and enjoyable."

The Cardinals, Young America, MN

"This was a wonderful little paradise and a much needed time of rest and restoration. It was wonderful to be able to sit and look out and be on the lake. The fishing was great! Thank you so much for everything!"

Dave, Judy & “Suzie”

"Wow! What a relaxing and friendly home away from home. We had a wonderful time. There is something here for everyone to enjoy.  Taylor (9) enjoyed fishing, swimming, bike riding, bike boat, game room, making new friends and campfire. Jake and April had a great time on the bike boat. Jon and I enjoyed it all. This is a beautiful resort that I hope to visit again. Thanks to Bob & Su for the memories."

Jon, Jody, and family, Cosmos, MN

"The Ugstads provide a remarkable vacation opportunity; all of outdoors is at one’s fingertip. I like listening & seeing different birds, fishing, walking and reading.  The resort provides my family with enough comforts and still maintains the small rustic ‘away from the cities’ feel.  Each year I look forward to my time at Balsam Bay to renew my spirit, feel the great air outdoors cleaning my mind.  There are not enough or the quality of times at home to hear the silence, to be at peace through nature, as there are here."

Peg, Sun Prairie, WI